Good management combines the achievement of measurable results with the construction of a positive corporate culture on a daily basis. But are you prepared to make the right decisions?
Count on SOLVE experts to take care of legal obligations while you focus on establishing or expanding your business.
It is success for sure!

About us

It was in 2013 that two young people passionate about entrepreneurship decided to invest their knowledge, acquired through experience in companies of the most varied sizes, to offer custom-made SOLUTIONS to MANAGEMENT and BUSINESS. The name SOLVE was chosen to effectively SOLVE the problems and meet the needs of its customers, in person throughout the state of Tocantins and online throughout the national and international territory.


Provide the best management and business solutions for the growth of companies, whether micro, small or large.


To be a reference in Tocantins in business management solutions with consultancy, advisory and financing projects, by 2023.


Maintain a WIN-WIN RELATIONSHIP with all customers, suppliers, employees and partners, based on ETHICS, TRUST, RESPONSIBILITY and COMMITMENT, in search of positive RESULTS, always through the most viable and appropriate SOLUTIONS.


Contribute to the development of Tocantins and the country, encouraging the growth and improvement of entrepreneurship.


We are SOLVE. Whatever is the need of your company or business, count on the knowledge and experience of our professionals for 100% efficient projects. More than a simple advice, we offer expertise and results always beyond the expectations.

Business Plan

Although they are especially useful for new businesses, every company must have a business plan. A good plan guides each stage of opening and managing the enterprise. It is often used to attract investment before the company has established a proven track record, but it is also a good way to keep it focused on the future.

Technical, Economic and Financial Feasibility Project

The technical, economic and financial feasibility study will assess whether a project is viable or not, considering costs, risks and possibilities of financial return. Your result will be measured using financial indicators and the estimated initial investment. In addition, social, economic and environmental impacts and benefits will be possible. The main objective of the feasibility project is to trace the expected return on investment for the business, demonstrating or not payment terms to investors, whether they are physical, legal or institutions.

Trademark Registration

Protecting the brand must be a priority for any business. Its record is the best way to protect it. That’s why, the urgency of specialized consultants and a wide network of trustworthy local agents to guide, from small companies to large corporations, all the complexities of this process and provide the complete solution for all needs regarding the registration of trademarks.

Legalization Services

Better known as paralegal accounting, it is an area that needs full attention to avoid any problems in the future. And as it is a service that requires specific knowledge and a lot of experience, not just anybody can do it with full competence. These are the drafting of social contracts, legal issues, opening and closing companies, regulations, registration achievements, certificates, licenses, among other bureaucratic services.

Business Advisory

Many companies experience administrative difficulties due to different reasons. A bad defined strategy or reckless management can cause serious damage. Business consultancy helps to put the house in order by rebalancing finances, organizing payments, restructuring outdated processes, among other problems.

Franchise Formatting

For those who want to enter or are already part of the franchise universe,services covering all areas, from feasibility studies and strategic planning, until the implementation of the franchise and network management, as well as assistance in identifying the most suitable locations, evaluating and negotiating the rental or purchase of the property.



When a mission is to be better, more assertive and more intelligent, it is necessary to put together a team with the best professionals. This is one of the attributes of SOLVE.

Meet our experts.

Renan Macedo

Specialist in Business Management by the UFT, Graduated in Administration by UniCatólica of Tocantins.
He has experience with projects at the human resources department at RebouçasConsultoria. He was a Manager at LojasCentauro, the largest sports retail chain in Latin America.
He worked as a Trainee, Project Manager and Tutor at Sebrae – TO in the commerce, services and industry segments. He worked as a Senior Analyst at Investco, a company of the EDP Group, the third largest electric energy holding company in Brazil.
He is a professional accredited by Sebrae in the areas of Business Planning, Sectorial Development, Process Modeling and Franchise Formatting.
He is currently a partner and owner of SOLVE GESTÃO E NEGÓCIOS and also provides consultancy at the UFT Social Business Incubator.

Francieli Bernardi

Specialist in Project Management by FGV, Communication and Marketing by ITOP and Business Management by UFT, she has a degree in Administration by UFT. Currently, she is taking a Master’s course in Strategic Marketing at UCES – Buenos Aires (AR).
She worked as a Local Innovation Agent, in partnership with Fapto and Sebrae. She was an analyst at Banco da Amazônia, the largest development bank in the North Region. She worked as a Trainee and Tutor at Sebrae – TO in the Commerce, Services and Industry segments. She worked as an Analyst for Investco, an EDP Group company, the third largest electric energy holding company in Brazil.
She is a professional accredited by Sebraein the area of Business Planning, Innovation and Quality.
Currently, she is a partner-owner and consultant at SOLVE GESTÃO E NEGÓCIOS, designer at Banco da Amazônia in the elaboration of projects of technical-economic-financial feasibility.

Hector Adalberto Bernardi

Specialist in occupational safety engineering by Instituto Prisma, he has a degree in Mining Engineering by ULBRA. He has experience in mining projects (ore opening) and financial viability projects, designed for small, medium and large companies, in the Trade and Industry segment throughout the State of Tocantins.

He is currently a partner-owner of the company LaticínioTriângulo, managing director

at Churrascaria Portal do Cantão andconsultantat SOLVE GESTÃO E

BUSINESS, in the area of elaboration of projects of technical, economic feasibility and





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